• Dragon

    Year Born : 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

    Lucky Zodiac Matches

    • Pig
    • Monkey

    Star Ranking

    4 Star(s)
    3.5 Star(s)
    2 Star(s)
    2 Star(s)

    Lucky Directions



    Lucky Number



    Speak up when an opportunity arise, this year, individuals born in the year of the Dragon need to take charge to receive the next promotion you would like to have. Conflict in the workplace is unavoidable; you need to resolve them tactfully. 
Taking time to pay attention to the details of your work will pay off.


    In 2020, money is coming your way! You can gain substantial financial reward through low risk investments. Due to the negative influence of an inauspicious star, be extra alert when dealing with contractual agreement. This year, movements bring changes; draw in prosperous wealth luck when you are on the move.


    It is a mixed luck in love this year. For singles, keep your eyes open, whilst romance is blossoming around you, the person you meet might not be the right one for you. Avoid rushing into any relationships. For those in a stable relationship, it is a great year to tie the knot! Married couples need to avoid honey trap and solidify your relationship.


    Your health condition will plummet this year. Due to inauspicious stars lurking around, avoid intensive sports like diving and rock climbing, or extreme joy will beget sorrow. Take heed of your health; getting a new hobby could improve your overall wellbeing.

    Lucky Colours

    Soft Pulp
    NP OW 1019 P

    Penelope Pink
    NP OW 1038 P

    Gold Dust
    NP YO 1146 P

    Sweet Grapefruit
    NP AC 2056 A

    Porcelain Blue
    NP PB 1526 A

    Tremont Blue
    NP PB 1519 A

    Lucky Fortune In Your Home

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