• Dragon

    Year Born / Year of Birth: 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000


    With an auspicious star shining, individuals born in the year of the Dragon will be surrounded with benefactors and you will be able to showcase your talents in your job. Help will be extended from colleagues and friends when it comes to your career. You will have a heightened capability to complete tasks, along with a will to win. Wealth fortune is average, and you should refrain from gambling. Rein in your temper as it might in turn affect your interpersonal relationships and family.

    Star Ranking

    Lucky Direction

    Lucky Number



    Rejoice as your career luck is astounding! Changes happening around you are mostly good and you should not worry too much. Opportunities will come knocking your door, and ladies will be your career benefactors. Male individuals will need to communicate well with your wife as she is your biggest benefactor. Your daughter will also bring you good work fortune. If there are opportunities to work overseas or to go on work trips abroad, it will bring you greater wealth.


    An above average wealth luck for 2019, there will be plenty of chances for social gatherings where you will be able to gain good opportunities to increase wealth. While your wealth will be able to grow, it is difficult for you to retain the money. Hence, refrain from splurging on romantic advances, alcohol and at gatherings.


    A dim romance outlook, couples will tend to quarrel due to lack of communication, stemming from heavy career commitments. Ladies will tend to be more quick-tempered and unknowingly give immense pressure to their other half. Taking a family portrait is recommended in the sixth or seventh lunar month to unify the family’s harmony. It is not a good year for marriage. Singles need to be patient for a chance to meet their potential partners.


    With an inauspicious star sitting in your Health Palace, your body will generally feel weaker. Problematic areas include the nervous system, kidneys, liver and eyes. If a surgery is needed, an auspicious date will be helpful in minimizing complications. The first, third, sixth, seventh and tenth Lunar months are especially harmful to your health. Be careful on the road, there will be a higher tendency of accidents, especially if you drive.

    Lucky Colours

    Cloud Formation
    NP N 1971 P

    Crater Black
    NP N 2030 A

    NP N 1926 D

    Saddle Brown
    NP N 1883 A

    Light Mcintosh
    NP N 1860 P

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