• Goat

    Year Born / Year of Birth: 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003


    A mixed fortune for 2019, individuals born in the year of the Goat will be negatively affected by interpersonal problems. Fret not, as your hard work will still be rewarded at work. This year, remember to be kind and mind your words. Perseverance will help you reap the rewards of your efforts. 2019 is an excellent year for students to pick up new skills and information, seize the opportunities! Money-wise, make sure you always have a healthy cash flow.

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    Work-wise, a stable outlook awaits you. Avoid drastic movements and risky ventures. You will prosper if you work in industries such as design, properties, fashion, energy, and architecture. Markets with ladies as the target audience will help you prosper. Learn to manage disagreements at work skillfully. Refrain from going into contractual agreements with people of the Pig, Dragon and Rooster zodiac signs.


    A year where you reap what you sow, wealth luck is stable and you will have to work hard for it. Refrain from being tempted by fortune that is too good to be true. Think twice before helping family and friends who are borrowing money from you; avoid high-risk investments, and refrain from being a guarantor to others. Let things run its course and things will fall in place!


    For married individuals, you get to enjoy stable romance luck, and your children will be filial in 2019. For male individuals, your spouse will be busy with work and will place emphasis on her career. It will be beneficial for your relationship if you can support and encourage her. For singles, due to the existence of both romance and debtor stars, you will always be at the giving end.


    Health luck falters due to inauspicious stars. Breathing problems can be alleviated with ample rest, healthy lifestyle, and good personal hygiene. Due to an inauspicious star, there might be problems with surgeries and safety. It is recommended that you do more charitable acts or go for teeth scaling before the new year to minimize these problems.

    Lucky Colours

    Blue Lullaby
    NP PB 1550 P

    Winning Streak
    NP BGG 1566 P

    Basic Blue
    NP BGG 1580 P

    Talk Of The Town
    NP AC 2070 A

    Alpha Red
    NP AC 2072 A

    Red Martini
    NP AC 2073 A

    English Rose
    NP AC 2078 A

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