• Horse

    Year Born / Year of Birth: 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002


    Good fortune shines down you! In 2019, you will gain elder benefactors’ help to advance in your career. With positive stars gracing your life, your achievements come along with arrogance. Keep your boastfulness in check; least opportunities slip your way. On the career front, be proactive and you will be blessed with a smooth-sailing career. Manage your work relationship with the opposite gender well as they can affect your career fortune. You will also be presented with opportunities to make money on top of your regular income.

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    An amazing year ahead for those born in the year of the Horse! As long as you put in enough efforts, you will be rightfully rewarded. Elder benefactors will lend you a helping hand, and interpersonal relationships are a breeze. You are blessed with ideas at work, and should seize the chances to make positive chances. Keep your ego and arrogance in check, least opportunities slip your way.


    A good monetary star shares the wealth spot with an inauspicious star, causing high expenditure and wealth volatility in your money matters. Make sure you guard your money well. There might be instances where you need to spend on your home renovation. Friends and relatives will constantly ask you for loans, creating frustrations for you. Make sure your house is brightly lit to bring positivity and enhance your overall fortune.


    In 2019, singles have good luck in finding potential partners and dating individuals can consider marriage. Married individuals need to work on their relationships as there are a lot of unspoken frustrations despite a calm outlook. You will need to stay committed to the relationship and steer clear of temptations to stray.


    Be wary of breathing problems, particularly for smokers. Those with intestines, gastric, and liver’s problems, need to pay extra attention to food hygiene when dining out. Cut down on burning the midnight oil least you get burnout, especially during the third, seventh, ninth and eleventh lunar months. It is recommended that you designate more time for aerobic exercise, relaxation and non-work activities.

    Lucky Colours

    Arte Deco
    NP N 1901 P

    NP OW 1032 P

    Sheer Chiffon
    NP YO 1167 P

    Bare Toes
    NP OW 1025 P

    Circus Top
    NP YO 1134 A

    NP YO 1114 A

    Glory Yellow
    NP YO 1129 T

    English Rose
    NP AC 2078 A

    Pink Bouquet
    NP R 1332 T

    Iris Pink
    NP R 1327 P

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