• nax Premila 9800HP Velocity Clear


    nax Premila 9800 HP Velocity Clear 2K 2:1 is an ultra-fast curing type clear coat for improved productivity and cost reduction. The salient feature of this clear is it’s ultra high productivity cycle with a dry to polish time of less than 30 minutes under ambient conditions(25-30 degree Celsius), avoiding the need for a high temperature baking cycle.


    • Polishable dry is 12 times faster than regular clear
    • No booth needed in ambient conditions(25’C+)
    • High Gun gloss & gloss retention


    • High Productivity
    • Energy Saving and cost reduction
    • Better Film perfomance and appearance


    • Dry to polish in ambient conditions(25’C+) inside 30 min

    Pack Size

    • 1L,(2K Clear) & 0.5L (2K hardener

    Color – In can/Shades

    • Clear


    Product Reconciliations

    Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
    Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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