nax Pro provides solutions that complement and supplement paint needs. nax Pro offers a complete range of technically superior polishing, excellent abrasives, complete masking solution and other supplementary products. This total innovative solution delivers tangible benefits to customers in terms of productivity, surface finish quality, top class efficiency and cost effectiveness, even when tackling the most demanding applications.


nax Pro paint finishing products have been developed to provide to achieve the ultimate finish on all types of automotive paints. Together they form a strong system to deliver exceptional results every time.

nax Pro Perfect Range

  • Rubbing, Polishing and Wax – nax Pro Perfect represent the state-of-the-art polishing line from Nippon Paint. The solutions are extremely versatile, available for all types of clearcoats, for application by hand and machine and remove marks completely with minimum haze and holograms
    Does not contain crystalline silica or any carcinogenic substances
    Professional and retail packs are available

nax Pro Automotive Discs & Sheets

  • Abrasive Discs with optimal stock removal and excellent durability
    Abrasive Sheets for polishing

nax Pro Automotive Masking Tapes & Paper

  • Easy usage & no seepage

Supplementary Products

  • Applicators – Foam pads, Wool pads and other applicators to provide complete range of consumables.