• Ox

    Year Born : 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009

    Lucky Zodiac Matches

    • Rabbit
    • Goat

    Star Ranking

    5 Star (s)
    3 Star(s)
    4 Star(s)
    3 Star(s)

    Lucky Directions






    Lucky Number



    A fabulous year for your career; individuals born in the year of the Ox will be aided by auspicious stars and a good team that will help you attain success. Teamwork makes the dream work, focus on building unity and it will be a good year to
    achieve breakthroughs in your work!


    Focus on saving money this year as there will be a surge in unexpected expenditures. Overall, expect a stagnant year for money growth. Watch out when lending money to people and it is inadvisable to be a guarantor for others.


    For singles, rejoice! There will be opportunities for you to meet your ideal partner and possibilities of love will present itself to you. For married couples, aim to foster better communication and keep the love alive. Marital arguments may persist due to trivial issues, learn to compromise and actively work on your relationship. A vacation could also improve your relationship.


    Add a bit of exercise to your daily routine! Seniors should stay physically active with regular outdoor exercise. Generally, watch the salt intake and eat a well-balanced diet. Acute work stress could affect you physically; make sure you are coping well with it.

    Lucky Colours

    Cotton Bud
    NP OW 1018 P

    NP R 1292 P

    Iris Pink
    NP R 1327 P

    Jumping For Joy
    NP YO 1127 A

    Monet’s Purple
    NP PB 1435 A

    Red Apples
    NP AC 2075 A

    Lucky Fortune In Your Home

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