• Painting Tools Checklist


    Smooth out uneven surfaces

    Sanding Block

    To wrap the sandpaper around for easy smoothening of surfaces.

    Masking Tape

    To wrap the sandpaper around for easy smoothening of surfaces.

    Plastic Drop Cloth

    Unfold and spread the drop cloth evenly on the floor or over your furniture to prevent from paint splatters.


    Required to remove old peeling paint from the surface. May be used to fill putty into cracks or holes.

    Cleaning Rags

    For clearing the walls and wiping up splatters and spills.

    Brushes & Rollers

    There are various sizes of brushes and rollers for different surfaces or purposes. For advice, please check with our paint specialist.

    Paint Tray

    For containing the paint and draining the roller.

    Paint Roller Sleeves

    Different sleeves are used for different colours.

    Appropriate Filler / Wall Putty

    To patch up cracks or holes in walls.


    To soak brushes, rollers and to hold other items.

    Extension Pole

    To be attached to roller for painting higher areas.


    For quick clean-ups of oil-based paint.

    Protective Gears

    Caps and gloves may be used to protect hair and hands from any paint splatter.


    For painting higher area.

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