• Pig

    Year Born / Year of birth: 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995


    For individuals born in the year of the Pig, it is a year mixed with happiness and frustrations due to Tai Sui’s adverse influence. You will be filled with unnecessary anxieties. It is good to adopt a defensive front in 2019 and be magnanimous when handling others. Refrain from being too anxious to get things done as you might end up making more mistakes. Spend more time with your family and maintain a healthy communication; your family support will tide you through the difficult times. Work-wise, find your tribe and stick with them. It is a good year for you to go for re-training and skills upgrading courses.

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    While work seems fine on the surface, there are hidden problems underneath. Work on resolving any on-hand issues least the problems snowball. Elders will be your benefactors, assisting you at work. Due to Tai Sui’s influence, malicious people and obstacles will hinder you. It is a good year for you to go for re-training courses. Lastly, aim to establish a healthy communication style with your peers.


    A rocky wealth luck due to Tai Sui’s influence, working professionals are less harmed than business owners in 2019. Steer clear of risky investments to avoid monetary loss and do not spend beyond your means. Refrain from gambling or going into partnerships. Wealth fortune can improve if there are joyous occasions, such as wedding or childbirth, at home.


    Under Tai Sui’s influence, dating individuals find their relationships tested in 2019. Couples will drift apart and have frequent disagreements; there is a possibility of a big fight or cold war. Clearly communicating what you want is the first step to actually getting it. Work on building trust and a good foundation for your relationship. If both parties are ready, you could consider getting married to turn things around.


    A below average health forecast, accidents and injuries will be frequent, especially if you are driving. Remember to adhere to traffic regulations and only drive when sober. Keep your house dry and clean to avoid unnecessary accidents. It is important to have regular body check-ups, and keep a healthy lifestyle with exercise and healthy eating. Do not neglect the small illnesses as they have the potential to become something worrying.

    Lucky Colours

    Tremont Blue
    NP PB 1519 A

    Porcelain Blue
    NP PB 1526 A

    Blue Instinct
    NP BGG 1571 P

    Nice Mint
    NP BGG 1598 P

    Laid Back
    NP OW 1056 P

    Smoking Gray
    NP N 2045 T

    Stiletto Gray
    NP N 1992 P

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