• Rabbit

    Year Born : 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

    Lucky Zodiac Matches

    • Pig
    • Goat

    Star Ranking

    4 Star(s)
    2.5 Star(s)
    2.5 Star(s)
    2 Star(s)

    Lucky Directions





    Lucky Number



    Congratulations! 2020 will present you with many career opportunities when you invest time and dedication on your job. Entrepreneurs need to be selective when picking your business partner and stay cautious to avoid being misled. Develop effective conflict resolution skills and embrace differing opinions at work to ace your career.


    Unfavorable star hovers around your zodiac sign, expect income and savings stagnation. This year, avoid impulse spending and be prudent in your money management style. Instead, come up with a feasible savings plan and stick to it. It is not advisable to lend money to your peers or become a guarantor for others.


    Due to the clash of Tai Sui, existing relationship problems will get worse and individuals need to make effort to be on their best behavior. Open and honest communication will build trust for long-term relationships. Have more frequent family gatherings and place a water fountain in your home to enhance your family’s fortune and chemistry.


    Emotional exhaustion from work could affect your health negatively. Ensure that you get enough sleep and learn relaxation techniques to keep your immune system healthy. Yoga, exercise and a healthier diet will help you tremendously.

    Lucky Colours

    NP PB 1425 P

    Adrenaline Rush
    NP R 1315 T

    Fast Car
    NP AC 2076 A

    NP AC 2061 A

    Orange Torch
    NP YO 1204 A

    Knockout Red
    NP R 1281 A

    Lucky Fortune In Your Home

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