• Rabbit

    Year Born / Year of Birth: 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999


    A busy and fulfilling year for individuals born in the year of Rabbit! With “The Sun” star shining on you, you are very pro-active in both career and personal matters. This year, you will thirst for change and breakthroughs. Your motivation to do better will open doors for you to connect with like-minded people. On the romance front, nurture your relationship and trust your partner more. Steer clear from gossips and negativity. Health-wise, maintain a healthy diet and start a new exercise regime to improve your overall health.

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    Positive developments are in sight for 2019; while it is tough in the beginning, there will be substantial rewards waiting for you. The more effort you put in, the better your rewards it will be. Both employees and business owners will be able to have great breakthroughs. Enjoy social gatherings to widen your interpersonal relationships. This year, avoid giving up without trying; work on your perseverance to ace 2019!


    Wealth is well-suited for saving. Your career and investments will bring in substantial rewards. This year, it is important for you to first gain fame in what you do before money comes rolling in. Older ladies will be your benefactors, and you will be able to grow and shine under these ladies’ help. It pays to be vigilant of thieves around you. Do take extra care while being on vacation or in crowded places; wealth loss may occur in the third, sixth, seventh and tenth lunar months.


    Take time to nurture your relationship in 2019. Avoid harsh criticism on your spouse and work on existing communication issues to ensure harmony at home. Focus on why you fell in love with your partner, and work on building up on trust for each other. Those dating will need to stop waging wars and have faith in your relationship.


    Health-wise, take note of problems that deal with breathing, gastric, intestines and possible inflammation around the body. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, cut down on fried food, coffee and beer, and increase dietary fiber intake to reduce problems with being overly heaty. Being under pressure will affect your sleep quality, making you emotional.

    Lucky Colours

    Ballet Pink
    NP R 1303 D

    Raging Pink
    NP R 1302 A

    Felicia Rose
    NP OW 1040 P

    Mushroom Brown
    NP N 1882 T

    Newtowne Brown
    NP N 1890 A

    Natural Cedar
    NP N 1878 T

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