• Rat

    Year Born / Year of Birth: 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008


    It is a year full of adventures and good changes or individuals born in the year of the Rat. With a star that blesses you with enhanced power, you will find yourself filled with a revived drive to complete assigned tasks. However, be wary of letting your ego ruin your life. Patience and flexibility are needed to help you excel in the opportunities around you. 2019 brings opportunities for you to move out of your current situations; so, be prepared to seize your breakthrough opportunities!

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    Handling your interpersonal relationships well is the utmost concern for the year as malicious people and obstacles surround you. Stay focus and pick a goal. What you stay focused on will grow. Religion blessings could help provide protection for you. Stay calm and reconsider your options before acting. 2019 will be an excellent year for those looking to start their own business. Choose not one that is just of your passion, but one that will be beneficial for you.


    Wealth comes from numerous sources, and you will need to track your spending and stick to a budget. Diversify your money pot – small investments in various sectors are recommended. Your house’s Feng Shui plays a big part and a “Ju Bao Peng” can help to congregate wealth. Your lucky colours are white, yellow, and purple.


    Lady luck is shining on your romance! 2019 is a good year to find love or tie the knot. Married individuals can move towards parenthood. Honor your partner and manage your relationship well. It is a year filled with love and joyous good news! For singles, choose your partner wisely, you need to widen your social circle to meet potential partners. Refrain from making rash and hasty decisions based on superficial qualities.


    Take extra care in 2019 when it comes to health as an inauspicious star resides in your health palace. There will be problems with your stomach and gastric, as well as breathing tract. Exercise and eat healthy, a well-balanced diet will be of the utmost importance for the upcoming year. Refrain from vigorous activities especially for pregnant ladies, and work on increasing your calcium intake.

    Lucky Colours

    Blue Jive
    NP BGG 1573 P

    Blue Planet
    NP PB 1506 D

    Yours Truly
    NP PB 1530 P

    Rainy Ride
    NP BGG 1635 P

    NP BGG 1750 P

    NP BGG 1605 T

    Pink Cloud
    NP OW 1037 P

    Barley White

    Cotton White

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