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    Year Born / Year of Birth: 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993


    Finally escaping Tai Sui’s negative influence, there will be a general improvement in your fortune. That said, with a lack of main stars in your life, you tend to overthink and be swayed by others’ opinions, limiting your personal progress. 2019 is a good year for you to head abroad for career development. If you are moving abroad or overseas, you stand to reap the benefits and be on the receiving end for opportunities and good fortune. Respect your loved ones and be more for magnanimous to prevent unhappiness in your relationship.

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    An average career fortune, grasp the opportunities to work away from home as they will be beneficial for your career. Maintaining good interpersonal relationships will be the key to success! The first half of the year will be rocky, but if you persevere, things will start looking up in the latter half of 2019. Overall, it is important for you to stay flexible to handle unforeseen changes.


    With an unstable wealth luck, indirect wealth lacks potential. You should avoid going into investments and businesses hastily. This year, you will make money when you rely on strategic planning and your specialization. Having a good financial plan can help minimize monetary issues. If you want to have a change in career, going into industries such as taxation, computer software development, logistics, tourism will be recommended.


    Due to work commitments, you will neglect your loved ones, and the lack of communication will cause misunderstandings. A good relationship is built on trust, honesty, kindness and emotional generosity. In 2019, strive to be more understanding and patient. Not a year for marriage, singles need to be careful of love cheats.


    With a good health forecast, you will be able to find the right cure before illnesses worsen. However, you will need to rein in your temper and take care of breathing-related problems. Maintain good posture during work and daily life to minimize problems with blood circulation, which can lead to dizzy spells. Get ample of rest and refrain from overworking in 2019.

    Lucky Colours

    NP AC 2135 A

    Artist’s Impression
    NP N 1864 T

    Nature Walk
    NP N 1880 P

    Wall Arte
    NP N 1865 P

    Hunny’s Hut
    NP BGG 1718 P

    Dinosaur Gray
    NP N 2042 P

    NP OW 1088 P

    White Concrete
    NP OW 1084 P

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