• Snake

    Year Born : 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

    Lucky Zodiac Matches

    • Dog
    • Ox

    Star Ranking

    3.5 Star(s)
    2.5 Star(s)
    4.5 Star(s)
    2.5 Star(s)

    Lucky Directions




    Lucky Number



    Expect good things to happen! 2020 will be a year for you to showcase your talents and abilities. Tap on your strengths to maximize success and avoid resting on your laurel. Seek good counsel and mentors; stand to gain from socializing with powerful people at gatherings.


    The year of 2020 is a volatile year for your wealth; it is not a year for big investments or monetary windfalls. Refrain from making hasty financial decisions and think twice for any partnerships with others. Enhance your luck by wearing more maroon and beige colours for your outfits!


    A romance-filled year for individuals born in the year of the Snake! It is a fabulous year to start a romantic relationship or for couples to get married. Married individuals will have opportunities to be blessed with pregnancy news. It is a year of happiness, devoting more family time for celebrations will boost your overall luck!


    Exhaustion from work will take a toll on your physical and mental health. Excessive worries could also cause sleep disorder that is detrimental for your body. Incorporate more activities in a natural green setting to feel more restored. Lastly, watch your blood pressure and cholesterol level.

    Lucky Colours

    Ground Clove
    NP N 1889 T

    Caramel Twirl
    NP AC 2140 A

    Keepsake Rose
    NP R 1337 A

    Fortune Cookie
    NP AC 2133 A


    Bedrock Bottom
    NP N 1981 A

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