• Snake

    Year Born / Year of Birth: 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001


    A rocky year ahead due to the conflict with Tai Sui, individuals born in the year of the snake will find themselves short-tempered. In 2019, you need to strengthen your people management skills. It will be a prosperous year for ladies, as you get an improved fortune in your career, wealth and opportunities. For males, you will feel trapped and isolated at work. Pay extra attention to health problems related to blood pressure.

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    Clashing with Tai Sui will place you in a precarious position at work. You feel isolated, helpless and trapped due to the lack of benefactors. This year, you need to stay resilient, acknowledge your difficult situation, make a plan and act. You have to strive hard on your own, and if you can showcase your abilities, a raise is still possible. Keep your negative emotions in check is the key to boost affinity with benefactors.


    Wealth luck is rocky due to Tai Sui influence, and all investments should be handled with care and caution. Refrain from lending money or being a guarantor, even to relatives and close friends. Work that requires the gift of gab, such as sales, lawyer, teacher, will help you gain wealth. If your pay comes in irregularly, your wealth luck will also fluctuate throughout the year.


    An average forecast in romance, couples tend to drift apart due to lack of communication, work reasons, or being apart for long periods. It is recommended that couples take a vacation together to reignite romance. Singles need to put down old thoughts and past loves to be able to meet potential partners. Refrain from being too stubborn, and lower down your walls to attract suitable partners.


    Due to fluctuation in moods, it is easy for you to feel frustrated and be plagued with negative thinking, leading to insomnia. Blood related illnesses and problems with the urinary tract will also be present. Pay more attention while on the road due to the clash with Tai Sui. Hanging Buddha Beads in your car will be able to minimize the negative forces and boost your safety.

    Lucky Colours

    Out To The Seas
    NP AC 2121 A

    Oregano Leaves
    NP AC 2127 A

    Calm Spirit
    NP BGG 1670 P

    Crown Jewel
    NP PB 1484 A

    Blue Triumph
    NP PB 1485 D

    Dear Diary
    NP PB 1475 P

    Rain Dance
    NP PB 1452 P

    Sultan Blue
    NP PB 1456 A

    Pure Addiction
    NP PB 1420 D

    Pale Pansy
    NP PB 1411 P

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