Home painting has been one of the most evolving areas in construction, especially in the last decade. With the number of options in terms of colour schemes, types of finishes, designs, combinations, and a lot more, homeowners are sometimes left with too many options in hand. However, as the trends change, it is easy to narrow down to the top trends and choose the home painting colour ideas accordingly and stay on top of it.

In 2022, home painting colour ideas are more realistic, bold, and unique from all the previous trends. This is the year to experiment if you have never made a “bold” move for wall painting colour ideas. Read until the end to understand why we claim this.

Here are some of the top trends that will take over home painting colour ideas by a storm.

Complete contrasts

Neutrals and monochromes are old news. Find a bold shade like Circus Top (NP YO 1134 A) and match it with a contrasting light shade like Natalie’s Niche (NP PB 1395 P) and watch the magic happen. This contrast can be either used in the same wall or in different walls, where one of them can be the accent. The homeowners will be pushed to make such unique and bold choices for home painting colour ideas in 2022 and we would love to see more of it.

Usage of black

Black, to contrary belief, is one of the most inviting colours. Either paired with other shades like white and grey or standing all by itself with add-ons like textures and designs, black is all set to be the biggest trend in home painting colour ideas for 2022. In a room that receives a lot of natural light, a shade like Black Night (NP N 1995 A) is the best choice for both walls and ceilings. It can also be paired with other colours to make black stand out. Monochrome or not, watch out for black dominance this year.

Vintage yellow

What is a trend if it does not draw inspiration from the past? Vintage yellow is one of the most vibrant colours to exist, and we are glad it is making a comeback in 2022. A shade like Sunray (NP YO 1114 A) can be used as a monochrome home painting colour idea in all the walls or be contrasted with white or light brown to make it pop out. This can also be accompanied by contrasting furniture and room accessories. This vintage colour of positivity and sunshine is here to make this year a better one.

Bold colours

Bold and bright colours are going to be the next thing for at least a few years to come and 2022 is just the beginning. Do not hesitate to choose a bold shade like Diva (NP R 1267 A) as a wall paint colour idea for any part of the house. These shades can be used in any room as they can adapt to any kind of usage and lighting (natural or artificial). They keep the home vibrant and cheerful at all times and we definitely need those vibes this year.