Choosing the right Painting Tools for the job is critical to the success of every painting project. Save yourself frustration and money by investing in quality Nippon Paint Painting Tools, comprising brushes and rollers in every size.

Paint Brushes

Actual Product paintbrush-1inch
1″ Total Brush 118
1.5″ Total Brush 118
2″ Total Brush 118
2.5″ Total Brush 118
Material / Purpose – SP-Bristle, strong yet springy

– Natural split ends, increase holding of paints

– Suitable for all paints, surfaces & economic use

Actual Product 1in-synthetic-brush
1″ Synthetic Paint Brush
1.5″ Synthetic Paint Brush
2″ Synthetic Paint Brush
Material / Purpose – Made with a combination of synthetic materials

– The brushes are best suited for water-based paints

– Relatively cost effective

– Suitable for Muslim customers

Application Instruction – Pour a quart of the paint into a 4- 5 qt. pail as working paint.For best results from brushing, don’t dip directly from the can.

– Dip the brush bristles 1 to 2 inches into the paint to load the brush.Tap the tip of the brush against the pail to prevent dripping.

– Start at the top with the loaded brush and stroke down toward the middle.The paint should flow smoothly onto the surface.

– Quickly coat an area with several brush loads of paint, then blend and smooth it out by lightly running the brush tip over.

Paint Roller Sleeves

Actual Product 4inchrollerrefill-acrylic
4″ Roller King 885 Acrylic Roller Sleeve
4″ Roller King 885 Mohair Roller Sleeve
6″ Yellow Roller King 885
7″ Yellow Roller King 885
6″ Green Roller King 885
7″ Green Roller King 885
Material / Purpose – Industrial paint-roller for all surfaces.

– Supreme blend of high performance delivers top results.

– German Technology.

– High quality and area coverage.

– Saves paint, no pile dropping.

– Absorbs more paint through superior fibre quality.

– Easy to apply and clean.

Paint Roller Handles

Actual Product Nippon Paint 4 Chrome Frame / Blue Handle
4″ Chrome Frame Blue Handle
Nippon Paint 6 Chrome Frame / Blue Handle
6″ Euro Frame Blue Handle
Nippon Paint 7 Chrome Frame / Green Handle
7″ Euro Frame Green Handle
Application Instruction – Dampen the rollers (with water or appropriate thinner) to condition them for better efficiency.

– Remove excess moisture before painting.

– Apply the paint from top right hand corner of the first wall.

– Paint in overlapping up-and-down strokes.

Adjustable Extension Pole

Actual Product Adjustable Extension Pole
1.8m Adjustable Extension Pole
Material / Purpose – Makes painting walls and ceilings easy

– Special grip tip prevents rollers from twisting or slipping

– Lightweight, sturdy and durable

Masking Tapes

Actual Product 1inchtape
1″ Painters Tape
1.5″ Painters Tape
Material / Purpose – General purpose, strong adhesive.

– Ideal for trim marking.

– Easy hand tearing, yet resists slivering.

– Easy removal without residue.

Application Instruction – Before painting, use masking tape to protect light switches,
electrical sockets, window frames and wood work.- Strip 8 to 10 inches of tape from the roll and use the roll itself,held tightly against the wall, to pull the tape straight.

– Remove tape at about a 45-degree angle to the painted surface to minimize the tendency for paint to peel.

– Do not use outdoor as UV may cause tape to become very difficult to remove.

Plastic Drop Cloth

Actual Product dropsheet
Premium Dropsheet with Anti Skid
(9 x 12 ft)
Material / Purpose – Non slip, waterproof, mildewproof.

– Easy spread out, one-piece construction.

– Protects against paint spills and splashes.

– Cover vehicles & furnishings to protect against dust and dirt.

Application Instruction – Unfold and spread the drop cloth evenly on the floor or over your furniture to prevent from paint splatters.

– Tape down the sides with masking tapes onto the floor to prevent it from running.

Paint Tray

Actual Product Nippon Paint Plastic Paint Tray
Plastic Paint Tray
(9 x 13″)
Material / Purpose – Solvent resistant.

– For use with paint rollers.

Application Instruction – Dip paint roller into the well to coat it with paint.

– Roll the paint roller back and forth on the ridged part of the tray to squeeze out excess paint and evenly spread out the paint around the roller.

– To save the hassle of cleaning up, cover paint tray with an empty clean plastic bag or aluminum foil before pouring in the paint.

Actual Product Nippon Paint Stirrer
Paint Stirrer
Material / Purpose – Special design for a perfect mix.

– Suitable for use with all liquids including paint,varnishes, liquid waxes, wood stains.

Application Instruction – Put on rubber or latex gloves before you handle the paint.

– Stir the paint in a constant direction until it is completely mixed and has a consistent colour throughout.

– Clean off excess paint and washthe stirrer after use.


Actual Product sandpaper
Abrasive Waterproof Sandpaper
Material / Purpose – Ideal for wood finishing.

– Quartz/Silicon carbide electro coated for uniform sanding.

– Great for removing rust, metal, plastic and paint.

– Resists heat and humidity.

Application Instruction – The lower the grade or grit number, the rougher the sandpaper. Always choose and use the correct type for the project at hand.
– When sanding wood, move the sandpaper in the same direction as the wood grain to avoid making scratches in the wood and roughening up the grain.- Don’t use excessive force when sanding, this will only cause the sandpaper to wear out prematurely and also damage the surface.


Actual Product Nippon Paint 3 Scraper
Stainless Steel Scraper
(12 pcs / box)
Material / Purpose – Strong, flexible and durable stainless steel blade.

– Ideal for spackling, scraping and spreading.

Application Instruction – Put on working gloves and safety goggles in work area. Inspect the scraper for any defects before using.

– Sand the blade corners to avoid causing any injury.

– Test the scraper blade flexibility and working force by pressing the blade onto the ground with less than 25kg of force.

– Clean the blade after use to avoid rusting.